Month: November 2017

Send Real Paper Greeting Cards To Build Business And More

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Most businesses spend a huge amount of time and money looking for NEW customers. We advertise, make phone calls, even travel cross country for meetings, all in the pursuit of the ever elusive stream of new customers.

What we’re probably forgetting is that up to 80 percent of our sales growth can and should come from PAST customers. People who have bought from you before are pre-sold on you, your products, and services. It often just takes a simple reminder to get them
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Roofing Underlayment

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Roofing Underlayment

Roofing underlayment is the second layer protection that is essential to a roofing system. It provides protection from moisture and other elements that is detrimental to the roof’s life span. A growing number of homeowners are now conscious of the right roofing underlayment for their roofing system. Felt, synthetics, and self-adhering ice-and-water barriers are the three types of underlayment that homeowners can choose from and avail in the market today.

The essential factors …

Keeping Your Shower Stalls Clean and Tidy

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Guidelines to maintain your showerstalls

Guest post today from Active Paving – Dublin patio providers for many years.

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Your shower should be a nice, calming place to unwind, an oasis of comfort where you can wash away the day’s troubles along with the day’s dirt. Your morning or evening shower should relax you and make you feel clean and healthy. But, if the shower stall is always dirty, not only is it unattractive and unhealthy, it’s terribly distracting to your shower experience.

There are few places in your …